KAATSU Vargo Physical Therapy

KAATSU (a Japanese word meaning “additional pressure” in English) is the original blood flow moderation modality originally from Japan.  KAATSU blood flow moderation in Physical Therapy has been shown to increase muscle strength and size without overloading joints, muscles and tendons, leading to enhanced function and recovery from injury or surgery.  When used correctly, blood flow moderation can increase vascular elasticity in all anatomic structures and stimulate a hormonal response to facilitate muscle in a safe and efficient manner.  The modality enables increased blood circulation to the capillaries and veins in healthy and  injured areas promoting increased range of mobility, greater strength and improved performance with less pain.

Under the supervision of the certified specialist, KAATSU is safe and effective for use during rehabilitation for deficits related to arthritic pain, tendon and ligament repair, repetitive use injuries, general deconditioning, and sports rehab.

Work Injury Rehabilitation Vargo Physical Therapy

Repetitive movements, long durations of static positions, and/or a traumatic event can cause injury while working.  Your Physical therapist will assess strength, stability, positioning and movement patterns to determine deficits that will be addresses in a treatment plan designed specifically to prevent further injury while performing job related tasks.

Aquatic Therapy Vargo Physical Therapy

Aquatic Therapy is often used in the treatment of patients with osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and post surgical movement and weight bearing restrictions. Aquatic Therapy utilizes the principles buoyancy and viscosity of water to allow you to facilitate you rehabilitation.  Buoyancy allows for weight bearing activities while not allowing full body weight compression through your joints while performing exercise.  The viscosity of the water provides resistance to movements during exercise that helping to improve strength.

Ultrasound Vargo Physical Therapy

Ultrasound is another form of heat and is a modality that can be used to help you with pain and promote tissue healing. Ultrasound uses sound waves to generate heat within a body part, which increases overall circulation to the targeted tissues. Increased circulation promotes tissue healing, prepares muscles and tissues for activity, and may also decrease inflammation.