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Teamwork & Service

It’s all about Teamwork and Service at Vargo Physical Therapy. It sounds simple but it’s difficult to implement. Patients and doctors alike continue to express their gratitude toward the service and individual attention patients receive. It’s not about the patient fitting into our schedule, it’s about what we’re doing for the patient to get them back to their prior level of function.


Vargo Physical Therapy patients have access to the most high-tech and effective rehabilitation equipment in the Los Angeles area. Our Biodex machines, for example, are used for diagnostic purposes as well as for isokinetic testing and strengthening. These give patients, doctors and insurers the ability to measure improvements over time.

Location, Location, Location

Our patients and doctors have provided us with the opportunity to expand our services across much of the greater Los Angeles area.  With nine offices and growing, our convenient locations and extended hours allow patients to begin rehabilitation quickly, typically within 24 hours.  We’ll stay late or even arrange an emergency session, if needed.

Results You Can Feel!

Vargo Physical Therapy is a leading provider of rehabilitation treatment for sports and industrial injuries as well as post-operative and age-related conditions. Vargo Physical Therapy is at the forefront of physical medicine combining state of the art technology with advanced treatment practices and modalities that deliver results.

Voted Best Physical Therapy Clinic in LA!

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