Vargo Physical Therapy

Vargo Physical Therapy is a leading provider of rehabilitation treatment for sports and industrial injuries as well as post-operative and age-related conditions.

Results You Can Feel!
Vargo Physical Therapy is at the forefront of physical medicine combining state of the art technology with advanced treatment practices and modalities that deliver results.
Teamwork & Service
It sounds simple but it’s difficult to implement. Patients and doctors alike continue to express their gratitude toward the service and individual attention patients receive.
Our patients have access to the most high-tech rehabilitation equipment in the Los Angeles area. This provides patients, doctors, and insurers what they need.
Location, Location...
Our patients and doctors have provided us with the opportunity to expand our rehabilitation services into ten locations across much of the greater Los Angeles area.

Open Positions

  • Physical Therapist - Palmdale office

    Vargo Physical Therapy is currently seeking a full-time or part-time Physical Therapist for our Palmdale office. We are looking for a candidate who can demonstrate exceptional and dynamic physical therapy skills, and who is passionate about treating and rehabilitating patients. New graduates are welcome to apply for our jobs!