Vargo Physical Therapy patients have access to the most high-tech and effective rehabilitation equipment in the Los Angeles area.  Our Biodex machines are used for diagnostic purposes as well as for isokinetic testing and strengthening.  Both give patients, doctors and insurers the ability to measure improvements over time. 

We also offer swimming pool therapy, a soothing way to build endurance and strength within a low-impact environment-an important step in the progression toward everyday living. Vargo Physical Therapy participates with the following insurance companies: Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Medicare, United Healthcare and various other private insurances. To verify coverage, contact us at the office where you wish to be treated or by clicking here

Alter-G Anti Gravity Treadmill Vargo Physical Therapy

Running exerts a force on the body equal to two to three times body weight - and while it is designed to deal with these forces, if they are applied too much or too often, injury could be just around the corner. That's why the Alter-G Anti Gravity treadmill, which enables you to reduce your body weight to as little as 20% of its actual value, is the piece of equipment VargoPT describes as the best investment we've ever made.

While there are less high-tech ways of taking the weight off your feet (such as running in water) the Alter-G uses air pressure as the lifting force, so that you can maintain normal running (or walking) biomechanics without the associated forces. This prevents other tissues deconditioning during injury or rehabilitation and helps you retain good form and function.

Aquatic Therapy Vargo Physical Therapy

Aquatic Therapy is often used in the treatment of patients with osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and post surgical movement and weight bearing restrictions. Aquatic Therapy utilizes the principles buoyancy and viscosity of water to allow you to facilitate you rehabilitation.  Buoyancy allows for weight bearing activities while not allowing full body weight compression through your joints while performing exercise.  The viscosity of the water provides resistance to movements during exercise that helping to improve strength.

Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization (ASTYM) Vargo Physical Therapy

ASTYM is the new standard for soft tissue therapy. It regenerates healthy soft tissues (muscles, tendons, etc.), and removes unwanted scar tissue that may be causing pain or movement restrictions. The ASTYM method allows your Physical Therapist to stimulate your body's own natural healing response when soft tissue degeneration or fibrosis and chronic inflammation is present. This leading edge, non-invasive treatment is performed with ergonomically designed instruments that initiate the healing process necessary for tissue remodeling.

Biodex Isokinetic Testing & Training Vargo Physical Therapy

Isokinetic testing and strength training utilizes advanced exercise and testing equipment with software to provide objective data important to patient rehabilitation. The equipment allows your therapist to exercise or test any major joint within the extremities. Valuable information is gained including limb speed, work, power and acceleration. This information can be compared to the unaffected extremity to help develop the most effective rehabilitation program. In isokinetic exercise, there is a constant speed of movement through the range of motion, with a set amount of resistance which will assist in increasing muscular strength and endurance of the affected extremity.

Cold Therapy Vargo Physical Therapy

Cold therapy has a number of benefits and effects. The main use purpose of cold therapy is to decrease circulation to a specific area.  A decrease in circulation can help decrease inflammation and superficial tissue bleeding.  This results in a decrease in pain.  Cold therapy can be used with muscle strains, ligament sprains, and post injury or surgery for pain relief.

Electrical Stimulation Vargo Physical Therapy

Neuromuscular Electrical stimulation (NMES) uses an electrical current to cause a single muscle or a group of muscles to contract. Contracting the muscle via electrical stimulation helps recruit more muscle fibers to increase strength production within a muscle. Contraction of muscle also promotes blood supply to the area which assists in healing.  Electrical stimulation may also be used to decrease muscle spasms, reduce/prevent atrophy, and decrease pain stimuli. Forms of electrical stimulation used for pain relief include: Interferential Current, Pre-Mod, and Hi-Volt.

Gait Training Vargo Physical Therapy

Many lower extremity injuries affect a patient’s ability to walk normally. A physical therapist can retrain you how to walk normally again following surgery or injury. Gait training involves analysis of a patient’s dysfunctional gait pattern to determine the cause(s) A physical therapist will help the patient correct the gait impairments using specific exercises and activities that have been developed to correct gait dysfunction.

Iontophoresis Vargo Physical Therapy

A treatment modality for inflamed joint and/or various soft and connective tissues. It can be utilized as a substitute to steroid injections and other anti-inflammatory treatments.  Iontophoresis has been used effectively to treat tendonitis, bursitis, and arthritis.  An electrical stimulator and electrodes (containing anti-inflammatory medication) produce a small electrical current which is placed over injured tissue(s).  When the current is turned on the medication is pushed away from the electrode and into the affected area.  Iontophoresis requires a specific prescription from a Medical Doctor because of the medication being applied.  Iontophoresis is not covered by most insurance companies and therefore a surcharge may be applied to receive this treatment.

Joint Mobilization Vargo Physical Therapy

Joint mobilization is a manual therapeutic treatment technique used to manage musculoskeletal dysfunction. It promotes movement in stagnant tissues and joints by oscillating or providing a traction force to the joint in specific directions, to increase joint mobility. Specific joint mobilizations can target joints with decreased mobility due to mechanical dysfunction, prolonged immobilization following injury and/or surgery. This increased joint mobility helps to promote normal range of motion and return to function.

KAATSU Vargo Physical Therapy

KAATSU (a Japanese word meaning “additional pressure” in English) is the original blood flow moderation modality originally from Japan.  KAATSU blood flow moderation in Physical Therapy has been shown to increase muscle strength and size without overloading joints, muscles and tendons, leading to enhanced function and recovery from injury or surgery.  When used correctly, blood flow moderation can increase vascular elasticity in all anatomic structures and stimulate a hormonal response to facilitate muscle in a safe and efficient manner.  The modality enables increased blood circulation to the capillaries and veins in healthy and  injured areas promoting increased range of mobility, greater strength and improved performance with less pain.

Under the supervision of the certified specialist, KAATSU is safe and effective for use during rehabilitation for deficits related to arthritic pain, tendon and ligament repair, repetitive use injuries, general deconditioning, and sports rehab.

Laser Therapy Vargo Physical Therapy

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) uses light with specific characteristics to treat medical conditions. Low-level laser devices produce therapeutic effects by non-thermal absorption of photons by cells.  LLLT has been shown to decrease the inflammation through mitochondrial stimulation. This increases respiratory chain activity, which enhances ATP synthesis, cellular repair and reproduction.

Mechanical Traction Vargo Physical Therapy

Traction is the use of a mechanical device, gravity or position to relieve pressure on a vertebral structure or nerve root. Traction may be used for many different applications. The most commonly used applications for traction include: lengthening tight muscles, tendons, ligaments in the spine; unload compressed nerve roots or pinched nerves; unload pressure from irritated discs; and reduce pressure on  cervical or lumbar structures.

Paraffin Bath Vargo Physical Therapy

Paraffin wax is an alternate form of heat application.  The wax works as an insulator, sealing in the heat from the wax, as well as the heat generated from the body. The heat encapsulated by the wax, can relax sore muscles and tendons, reduce inflammation and promote circulation in painful joints and soft tissues. Paraffin therapy is an effective method of applying heat to relieve pain and stiffness in the hands and/or wrists.  Occasionally a moist hot pack will also be used in conjunction with paraffin wax.

Phonophoresis Vargo Physical Therapy

Phonophoresis is a topical modality that is combined with Ultrasound.  An anti-inflammatory medication is mixed with the ultrasound gel.  The soundwaves from the ultrasound head push the medication through the skin and into inflamed tissues.  Phonophoresis requires a specific prescription from a Medical Doctor because of the medication being applied.

Postural Training Vargo Physical Therapy

Treatment designed to increase your postural awareness, strength, and endurance in relation to alignment/positioning. Your Physical Therapist will design a specific exercise program to treat muscle imbalances due to weakness and decreased muscle length along with educate you on proper positioning during activity to decrease pain and prevent further injury.

Progressive Resistance Exercises Vargo Physical Therapy

PRE is a form of exercise in which the goal is to increase the strength of weak or injured muscle or muscle group by gradually increasing the resistance.  Decreased strength can lead to poor functional movement execution and eventually lead to injury.  Resistance bands, free weights, weight machines, and body weight are various ways used to provide resistance.

Range of Motion (ROM) Vargo Physical Therapy

Following injury or surgery to a specific area, your ability to move an extremity/extremities may be decreased.  Depending on your needs assessed by your Physical Therapist Passive Range of Motion (PROM), Active Assistive Range of Motion (AAROM), and/or Active Range of Motion (AROM) techniques will be implemented into your treatment program.  Passive Range of Motion is performed by your Physical Therapist without any assistance or effort from you. Active Assistive Range of Motion requires some effort from you to move the affected extremity through the available range of motion either with the assistance of your Physical Therapist or with exercise equipment. Active Range of Motion is performed independently by you, without any external assistance, in which an extremity is moved through the available range.

Soft Tissue Mobilization Vargo Physical Therapy

Soft Tissue Mobilization (STM) is used to break down scar tissue and fibrotic adhesions that are typically associated with trauma to the soft tissue(s). Proper tissue integrity and fiber alignment allows for increased circulation to tissues, increased flexibility, increased muscle contraction and performance with decreased pain.

Specialty Taping Techniques: Kinesio, McConnell, Athletic Vargo Physical Therapy

Two types of taping techniques often utilized in physical therapy are Kinesio and McConnell Taping.  Kinesio taping provides assistance and support to your musculature surrounding affected joints to decrease pain, overuse, and inflammation, as well as increase your postural awareness. Kinesiotaping is light weight and allows your affected extremity to continue to move freely within its normal range of motion with decreased pain. McConnell Taping is one of the most common taping techniques for the treatment of patellofemoral pain. The primary goal of this taping technique is to reposition your patella and reduce pain by allowing normal gliding of the patella during knee movements.

Spine Rehabilitation: Cervical, Thoracic & Lumbar Vargo Physical Therapy

A traumatic event, overuse, or degenerative changes can cause injury to your spine and its surrounding structures.  A detailed assessment will be performed by your Physical Therapist to formulate a treatment plan addressing muscle length, strength, core and postural stability, and educate you on pain relief and injury prevention.

Sports Rehabilitation Vargo Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy treatment plans specifically designed to return you back to your sport and/or increase your performance.  Your Physical Therapist will assess your strength, flexibility, and qualities of movements performed specific to your sport of choice and formulate a treatment plan to address deficits found to decrease pain, increase strength and stability, and prevent injury.

Ultrasound Vargo Physical Therapy

Ultrasound is another form of heat and is a modality that can be used to help you with pain and promote tissue healing. Ultrasound uses sound waves to generate heat within a body part, which increases overall circulation to the targeted tissues. Increased circulation promotes tissue healing, prepares muscles and tissues for activity, and may also decrease inflammation.

Work Injury Rehabilitation Vargo Physical Therapy

Repetitive movements, long durations of static positions, and/or a traumatic event can cause injury while working.  Your Physical therapist will assess strength, stability, positioning and movement patterns to determine deficits that will be addresses in a treatment plan designed specifically to prevent further injury while performing job related tasks.